CNLiesreess: Those Worlds that Haunt Us

An evening with Mary Carey, Percy Lallemang and Florence Sunnen

© Michael Dubrule, private, Brian J. Showers

16.06.2022 | 19:30

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Some stories just grip you, their worlds dark and disturbing or surreal and enticing.

In a secluded commune in Vermont, a painter has to confront a danger nobody else is willing to see.
In a society where the forces of justice have been replaced by brutality, a detective seeks revenge for the sins of the past.
In a world that is increasingly fluctuating, creatures from our cultural bestiarium try to find a new self.

With elements of the psychological thriller, science fiction and gothic noir, these novels, screenplays and short stories will haunt you. But as we follow their narrative trajectories and talk about what lies beneath, we also discover new facets about the world and ourselves.

Mary Carey, Percy Lallemang and Florence Sunnen will be reading from Irresistible Blending, This Mortal Coil and Archetypes. They will be talking to Nathalie Jacoby.


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