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Masterclass Orchestration

Ernst Spyckerelle & Ivan Cheng
Intercontinental Ensemble

Masterclass Orchestration
Masterclass Orchestration

As part of their residency for a concert with Benjamin Kruithof, the Intercontinental Ensemble, which specialises in performing arrangements for reduced instrumentations of symphonic works, is offering a Masterclass in Orchestration. Ernst Spyckerelle and Ivan Cheng, responsible for the ensemble‘s arrangements, accompany students as they work on their arrangements. At the end of the week, the arrangements are refined together with the musicians of the ensemble.


What is the aim of the Masterclass?
To teach students how to reduce or expand a score to a setting they like. To deepen their knowledge of orchestration and the concepts behind it.

How will the Masterclass look like?
The Masterclass will be a mix between lectures and an hands-on approach to help the students finishing their arrangement. The lectures shows two possible approaches that could happen while arranging: Adapting a piece for a bigger group or adapting it for a smaller group. The lectures will be based on the personal experience the ensemble has gained throughout their own arrangements of piano pieces, songs and symphonies for nonet.

Hands-on approach: The hands-on approach will be two fronts: The first is that Ernst and Ivan will analyse together with the students their arrangements they made or are making. The aim is to give the student more knowledge on what works and what to avoid when arranging.

The second front will be the full ensemble playing the students‘ arrangements. To put the students in a more realistic situation and give them the possibility to find a more practical way, ie. to be more fitting to the group of musicians they are arranging for. The students have the possibility to experiment with different combinations in their arrangement, f.ex. have several instruments try a melody to see what colour they like the most.

The musicians of IntEns will also give extra tips that are linked to their specific instrument. This to help the students to write idiomatically for different instruments.

All the rehearsals are open to the students to join and listen.

Requirements of the arrangements
Students pick one piece that they would like to arrange. The length of the piece should be between 2 - 4 minutes. It can be a movement of a piece or a fragment of a longer piece.
The students communicate their piece of choice before 05.10.2023. Please note: the arrangement does not need to be completed at that time.
The students can write for all 9 or a combination of the following instruments: violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, oboe, clarinet in B-flat / clarinet in A, bassoon, French horn.
The pieces should be ready to perform on 19.10.2023. The student provides the individual parts and score to the musicians by printing out the parts.
If there are questions concerning the arrangements between the deadline of the 30.09.2023 and the week when the Ensemble will be there, we are very open to help! Students can contact us via intercontinental.ensemble@gmail.com

What can students expect?
An engaged ensemble that is willing to experiment with them on orchestration in a safe environment.
An exchange and stimulation on ideas about orchestration.
A challenge to break through certain stereotypes instruments might have.
Being economic with instruments and discovering orchestration possibilities in smaller settings.
A live-recording of their arrangement.


Masterclass Orchestration - Schedule

Please note: If you have any difficulties with the schedule, please contact us. If necessary, we will try to adjust the schedule.

Participation fee / Infos
150€ (to be paid after registration)
Participation fee includes two free tickets per student to the concert on 21.10.23
No age limit
Level: Intermediate - Advanced (beginners can contact us to discuss admission)

Registration & questions: via e-mail to Pit Ewen (pewen@kulturhaus.lu)

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