Meeting Larisa Faber

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06.05.2021 | 19:30 - 20:30

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Larisa Faber was born in Romania, brought up in Luxembourg and trained at Drama Centre London. She writes for the stage and screen. Plays include Disko Dementia (2018), stark bollock naked (published by Black Fountain Press, 2019), 340x for Die neuen Todsünden (2020/2021). Papercut is her third full-length play and will open next year at Mierscher Kulturhaus.
Once upon a time there was a girl named Danielle who wanted to do well.
Inspired by School Leaks, PAPERCUT tells the tale of a teacher who ventured into the woods without a map to find her way back out again. One day, she noticed how the school system can be abused and decided to do something about it, derailing her life and career. PAPERCUT is a play about the human cost of whistleblowing, the tales we craft for ourselves and myths that threaten to uproot the order we're used to.
Dear Agony Aunt, I am in agony. I was supposed to write a play, but find myself stuck in a straightjacket of my own making. On Playwriting (mostly) is a multimedia essay in 4 parts about attempting to write, the pram in the hallway and where it all went tits up. 
Commissioned by CNL as part of the "Theatrical Talks".

You can read the whole Interview here.

Ënnert dem Motto On Playwriting (mostly) erzielt d'Larisa Faber vun hirem professionelle Wee an stellt hir Stéck Papercut an hir Rede zum Theater vir.

Moderatioun Nathalie Jacoby
This evening will be held in English.

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