Larisa Faber

©Andrea Torres Balaguer

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21.01.2022 | 10:00

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“You know, once you’re in the shitter, then you start thinking ... um, what should I have done? Could have? What would have happened if?”

Inspired by the School Leaks scandal that rocked Luxembourg in 2015, Papercut tells the story of a secondary school teacher who becomes an involuntary whistle-blower by denouncing failings within Luxembourg’s school system. As she tries to set things right, she rattles a well-oiled system adverse to change, putting her job and family on the line. Papercut is a play about the consequences of whistleblowing and a woman’s attempt at piecing it all back together.

In English.

This is a Covid-Check event without possibility for rapid antigen test on site.


Written & staged by
Larisa Faber designed by Marie-Luce Theis with Sascha Ley Production Mierscher Kulturhaus

Avec l’aide financière du Ministère de la Culture du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg dans le cadre du programme Neistart Lëtzebuerg – Kultur




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