A Shieldmaiden's Saga

Daniel Kohnen


25.09.2020 | 20:00 | Tickets
26.09.2020 | 20:00 | Tickets

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A Shieldmaiden’s Saga is a multi-media play that combines classical theatre with film and original music. The play is set in an alternative past of 800 A.D.’s Northern Denmark. The plot focusses on the meaning of trust and friendship, furthermore it uses the notion of reason of state and the respect for nature. Norse mythology plays an important part in the story as well, though it will be introduced step by step to avoid overwhelming the audience. A Shieldmaiden’s Saga is not aiming to be historically accurate, but rather educational and entertaining.

The plot is about Rökia, a fisherwoman, who does not fit into her society and tries to find a way to feel accepted again. During her adventure she blunders into a much larger conflict and needs to make a decision that can alter the future for good or worse. In the meantime, a prophecy comes  rue and causes turmoil in the realm of the gods.

This play is Daniel’s first stage directing project and has been realised only through the benevolent and hard-working actions of the crew.

Stage director Daniel Kohnen Script Daniel Kohnen Stage assistance Lukas Grün Stage cast Caroline Eberwein, Daniel Halici, Maria Papamar, Nils Elsen, Demir Ekdi, Sheila Molitor, Tessy Strotz, Yehia Sheikhouney Music Newt Kayser (Singer), Daniel Kohnen (Producer, Composer) Stage designer Lukas Grün, Tessy Strotz, Daniel Kohnen Costumes Colette Weyer-Kosch, Daniel Kohnen Lighting and Sound Blue Light Event Productions Live recording XS Productions Collaboration Mierscher Kulturhaus, Canopée asbl.


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