Saeed Hani
Movement Art

KHAOS Movement Art 1 © Blackgate Media
KHAOS Movement Art 1 © Blackgate Media

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School performance
17.05.2023 | 10:00

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In Greek mythology, Khaos is the origin of everything, the empty unfathomable space at the beginning of time. Khaos is the goddess of creation and the chasm between heaven and earth. It is the primordial mass of the universe, composed of the four elements of nature: fire, water, air and earth. Each of the four elements has its own unique properties that work simultaneously to create a unified universe. Without chaos there is no creation, no organization, without silence there is no sound and without darkness there is no light - one requires the other. That one gap between opposites that Khaos lives in.

Saeed Hani aims to create a universe beyond reality with seven dancers from different backgrounds. He gathers his elements and creates superimposed images to simulate reality and the chaos we live in.
In this piece, he composes images by combining contemporary dance and physical theatre with visual art, especially installation art. The images relate to his essential themes to appeal to the audience's imagination, create chaos of the senses and disperse their feelings and thoughts in space by using the six essential elements of abstract art: Line, Texture, Shape, Form, Colour "through scenography, skin and light".
On stage, we will see a battle between opposites that we constantly deal with and are necessary for balance in our lives: emotional vs. logical, self-confident vs. insecure, fear vs. serenity, strong vs. submissive, etc. Nude art will be the central part of this work, because in the beginning, the body was not naked, it was just there. It was just there. Nudity is Saeed's statement against customs and traditions that underestimate our human nature's beauty, power, and reality by seeing the body only as a sexual object.

Age 16 +
Length 60 min.

Conceived by Saeed Hani Dancers Esther Moreno Suarez, Gabriel Lawton, Ileana Orofino, Kenji Shinohe, Hector Ferrer, Ana Fernández Melero & Alberto Chianello Scenography & Visual Art Saeed Hani Light design Marc Thein Costume design Christian Brand Video Production Blackgate Media Production management Oliver Moeller Production Mierscher Kulturhaus, Hani Dance & menschMITmensch e.V

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On tour
08. – 10.06.23 Messepark Trier

Creation EN_22-23

Jugend 16+

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