The Seagull

New World Theatre Club
A play by Anton Chekhov


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Numbered seating

Matinée for schools
01.03.2019 | 09:30

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The Seagull is Anton Chekhov’s first masterpiece and one in which his own experiences are  brought into play, underpinning the text with a subtle yet complex humanity. David Hare – whose version was produced on the West End in 2016 – calls The Seagull “a perfect play”. It is a comedy of frustrated lives, of lost opportunities and the clash between generations in which each character must face their own aspirations and disappointments.

Such is the appeal of The Seagull that established playwrights are continually producing new versions for performance throughout the world. This continued interest has meant that the comedy, suppressed by traditionally playing Chekhov with intense poetic naturalism, is being rediscovered. The NWTC will follow this route, taking a fresh approach to this classic play in order to bring it to life with modern sensibility while maintaining its timeless character and allowing the brilliant dialogues to sparkle.

Director John Brigg Assistant Director Gav Guilfoyle Cast to be confirmed Created at Mierscher Kulturhaus

Résidence d’artistes
New World Theatre Club will be in RESI-THEATER from 16.02. - 27.02.2019


An introduction to the play will take place 15 minutes before each performance.

These performances are suitable for youngsters (16+) and open for schools.
Reservation for schools: T. (+352) 26 32 43 1 M.

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