Larisa Faber

Papercut © Jeannine Unsen

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Mother of four. Teacher. Traitor.
Wife. Whistleblower. Star of School Leaks.

Inspired by the School Leaks scandal that rocked Luxembourg in 2015, Papercut tells the story of a secondary school teacher who becomes an involuntary whistleblower by denouncing failings within Luxembourg’s school system. As she tries to set things right, she rattles a well-oiled system adverse to change, putting her job and family on the line. 
Framed as a late-night talk show - musical numbers, sketches and special guests included - Papercut deals with the consequences of speaking up when shutting up would have been a much more comfortable choice. If you knew the price to be paid and could do it all over again - would you?

In English.

This is a Covid-Check 2G+ event with the possibility for rapid antigen test on site.
Read the full Interview with Sascha Ley here


Inspired by conversations with Danielle Hoffelt on School Leaks.
Written & staged
by Larisa Faber  
With Sascha Ley & Andrea Hall feat. a few special guests
Designed by Marie-Luce Theis
Sound design & composition Luka Tonnar
Song compositions Make Lemonade, You Renegade | Luka Tonnar,
Years and Years | Luka Tonnar, Ding Dong | Luka Tonnar & Sascha Ley,
Schëlleg fannen a bestrofen | Luka Tonnar & Sascha Ley
Content creation Maida Halilovic
Construction Tun Bisdorff Costume alterations Pascale Delvigne Technical support Michèle Tonteling  Dresser Henriette Hengen
Photography Jeannine Unsen Special thanks to Christian Sinner Production Mierscher Kulturhaus With the kind support of Fondation Été
Avec l’aide financière du Ministère de la Culture du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg dans le cadre du programme Neistart Lëtzebuerg – Kultur



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