FEATS Festival

Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies
Hosted by New World Theatre Club


26.05.2022 | 19:30
27.05.2022 | 19:30
28.05.2022 | 19:30
29.05.2022 | 19:30

Tickets 4 nights 85.0 €
Student 4 nights 50.0 €
Ticket single night 25.0 €
Student single night 15.0 €

FEATS is a pan-European celebration of theatre and an unmissable opportunity to immerse oneself in theatrical experience,  enjoying the variety on offer both on the Main Stage and The Fringe, the festival ’off’ programme. It is a 4-day event with 3 groups  performing on the Main Stage each evening, followed by a public evaluation of the performances by an experienced professional  theatre practitioner who, on the last night, will also offer a summary of the festival highlights. In 2022, FEATS will be a festival of  renewal under the banner theme of Changing Times. Following the example of the Mersch dragon, FEATS will ensure that myth,  story-telling and dreamspinning are dramatically present in the Mierscher Kulturhaus over the Ascension weekend from 26th to 29th of May 2022.

Participating Groups

The following groups will be taking part in FEATS22:

AATG, The Hague
Anglophone Collaborative Theatre of Stuttgart (ACTS)
Brussels Shakespeare Society (BSS)
ECC, Brussels
English Youth Theatre (EYT), Brussels
Frankfurt English Speaking Theatre (FEST)
homerostheater, The Hague
InPlayers, Amsterdam
Irish Theatre Group (ITG), Brussels
Lucerne World Theatre Company (LWTC)
The Hamburg Players


Thursday 26.05.

19:30      tba

               Anglophone Collaborative Theatre of Stuttgart (ACTS), Stuttgart
               Lane 147 (Stuart Marlow)
               A tragicomedy based on true refugee stories

               InPlayers, Amsterdam
               Contractions (Mike Bartlett)
 A collision between work ethic and private life

Friday 27.05.

19:30      AATG, The Hague
               A More Perfect Human (Henri Colens) (original script)
Political versus human instinct

               ECC, Brussels
               Someone Borrowed, Something New - Missing Alice (Jon Bradfield) & Something Borrowed (Gareth McLean)
Two poignant and witty stories around evolving social attitudes

               Irish Theatre Group (ITG), Brussels
               Augustus Does His Bit (Bernard Shaw)
               A savage satire of privileged power

Saturday 28.05.

19:30     English Youth Theatre (EYT), Brussels
              Boom (Vincent Eaton)
An explosive mix of young ambition

              Lucerne World Theatre Company (LWTC), Lucerne
              Fourteen (Alice Gerstenberg)
A satirical look at losing control (and face)

              homerostheater, The Hague
              Breathing Corpses (Laura Wade)
 A hard and darkly funny look at death

Sunday 29.05.

19:30     The Hamburg Players, Hamburg
              Contractions (Mike Bartlett)
A conflict around privacy in the worksplace

              Frankfurt English-Speaking Theatre (FEST), Frankfurt
              The Scheme (Mike Riepl)
A dramatic look at the underbelly of business partnership

              Brussels Shakespeare Society (BSS), Brussels
              Shortly To Go (Dimitrios Stassinopoulos, Ilias Konteas) (original script)
A funny and poignant look at two writers during a pandemic - 400 years apart

              Finale - a short surprise to bring the Festival to a close

Each evening, there will be an interval of 20 minutes between performances.
After the 3rd performance, the Evaluator will deliver his appraisal of the evening’s performances.

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Age + 13
Language English
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